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Olivetti SC2000 calculator - jebem - 07-10-2015 07:06 AM

This is a nice looking machine, identical to my other Citizen SRP-175 calculator in every aspect but the case and front panel colors.
I got the Olivetti at the same price as the Citizen, despite the later is new in the box condition.

The Olivetti is well used, with a small crack in the hard cover, and I got no user guide. What a pity, I was expecting to see the Italian manual to have a complete description of my new acquisition.

[Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_001.jpg] [Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_002.jpg]

[Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_003.jpg] [Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_004.jpg]

[Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_005.jpg] [Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_006.jpg]

[Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_007.jpg] [Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_008.jpg]

[Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_009.jpg] [Image: Olivetti_SC-2000_010.jpg]