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hp ppl docs are where? - ji3m - 09-26-2015 01:05 AM

For example i figured out how to address nested lists by
Guessing and trial and error.

Mylist (4,2,3) := 55; store

A := Mylist (4,2,3) ; recall.

But where should i have really learned this. Surely not from the
Prime User manual. There is no topic about addressing lists.

Sorry to beg these questions but this info must have originated somewhere.
A i doomed to search forums for scraps of info about this language.?

RE: hp ppl docs are where? - komame - 09-27-2015 07:02 AM


You should carefully read the user manual:

There is a chapter 25 - Lists (page 492).

Go to page 499 and you can read:
To display one element of a list in Home view, enter listname(element#). For example, if L6 is {3,4,5,6}, then L6(2) returns 4.

To store a value in one element of a list in Home view, enter value ▶ listname(element#). For example, to store 148 as the second element in L2, type 148▶L2(2).