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Digest Volume 8 - DavidM - 11-19-2015 04:39 AM

It's not as nice as finding a good deal on a 41, but while going through some old books in the attic the other day I ran across the "Hewlett-Packard Personal Computation Digest Volume 8" from 1981. I probably got it around the same time I received my 41C, though I no longer remember for sure. Now if only I still had that 41C, XFunctions, Card Reader, Wand, Printer, ...

It was like a trip down memory lane to see the articles and products outlined in that catalog. Those of you who have the museum's document set, or at least CD18, should already have a digitized copy with the other files in that collection.

Of all the things found in those boxes, this was one of the few that I actually wanted to keep!

Here's the cover and contents page for any that are curious:

[Image: hp_digest_v8.jpg]

[Image: hp_digest_v8_toc.jpg]