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App online for make Spirograph - compsystems - 12-08-2015 01:24 AM

The mathematician Bruno Abakanowicz invented the Spirograph between 1881 and 1900. It was used for calculating an area delimited by curves. Drawing toys based on gears have been around since at least 1908, when The Marvelous Wondergraph was advertised in the Sears catalog An article describing how to make a Wondergraph drawing machine appeared in the Boys Mechanic publication in 1913 The Spirograph itself was developed by the British engineer Denys Fisher, who exhibited at the 1965 Nuremberg International Toy Fair. It was subsequently produced by his company. US distribution rights were acquired by Kenner, Inc., which introduced it to the United States market in 1966 and promoted it as a creative children's toy.

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RE: App online for make Spirograph - TASP - 12-08-2015 02:09 AM

Had a spirograph, don't know whatever happened to it.

And then high school sparky instructor showed me Lissajous patterns . .