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Geocaching Coords Solver - chromos - 12-19-2015 10:40 AM

Scroll to last post for current version!

I made tool for solving mystery and multi cache coordinates. Pictures are more than words, video is even better:

You can visit thread (Recursive) nested loops and IFs? for additional info.

Big thanks to Didier Lachieze as I was unable to finish the program without his help.


RE: Geocaching Coords Solver - chromos - 12-20-2015 01:03 PM

Update to version v.0.14
  • Fixed issue when no variable was entered in UNSOLVED coords input
  • small code and performance improvements
  • number of simultaneously usable variables rised to 26 (all uppercase english letters)


RE: Geocaching Coords Solver - chromos - 12-26-2015 12:32 PM

Update to version v.0.16
  • Another small code and performance improvements - program is about 20 % faster now.
  • Added division by zero check in expressions - now you can enter expressions like (A+B)/(C-D) without thinking about it; if you don't need it or if you prefer performance, you can comment out lines 441, 442, 468 - program is about 20 % slower with this check.
  • Result window - bearing was working in <0;pi> interval only. This is now fixed. Bearing is computed correctly for north east hemisphere only. If you aren't in north east hemisphere then you should change line 464 [IFTE(FUNCDMTODEG(L9(0))-PublLon>=0,ROUND(θ,0),ROUND(360-θ,0))] for your area.
Merry Xmas nad HNY 2016!

RE: Geocaching Coords Solver - chromos - 01-16-2017 09:35 PM

Update to version v.0.18

Some lines of code stopped working after latest firmware release. Now, Solver is working again.