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Building Input Form for SpreadSheet App - ricky_005 - 03-22-2016 01:41 AM

New to the HP Prime and looking at the idea of building an input form with multiple input fields for the spreadsheet app. The data in the input field would be placed in separate cells on the current row. A next button on the form to go to next row below and repeat input into the form again for next row etc.

Would need a back button in the form to go back and view data previously imputed in the form.

Is this Possible or am I wasting my time?

RE: Building Input Form for SpreadSheet App - cyrille de brébisson - 03-22-2016 05:57 AM


Hard to do at this point.
You do not (as far as I can remember) have access to the current cursor position (current row).

You can create dialog boxes asking for data, BUT these only have an OK and Cancel button, no other buttons that you could create, so it makes it hard to have a nice UI as you seem to want (you could still do it) with a choose After the dialog box.
You can create a multi page dialog box however.