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67 Lives - teenix - 06-18-2016 01:50 AM

Hi all,

The 67 calculator/emulator finally came to life today. Its been quite a task to debug the actual calculator as the firmware has become quite complex. The image (if it appears) is showing the calculator asking to load the second card of a 2 card program.

I have added a ASCII text based program card editor to the PC emulator. It will load/save HP65 and HP67 programs and allow editing. It will also format them into *.hpp files and can be saved and then loaded directly into the PC emulator and the hardware calculator as program cards.

I have had a brief look around with not much success and as I have limited access to internet at this remote location, does anyone have a real two card 67 program that is text based, or a link to one? I would like to try it out to verify that everything works ok from text to running in the calculator.



RE: 67 Lives - PANAMATIK - 06-18-2016 09:16 PM

Congratulations for your success!

Which minor steps do you have to go, until your HP-67 emulation is complete?


RE: 67 Lives - teenix - 06-20-2016 05:47 AM

Sorry for the delay, still in the remote area

It all seems done now, both PC and PIC emulator are working.

I just finished coding for the auto card reader option for both emulators, which activates during the [pause] program command if a card is just sitting ready in the reader opening.

I just have to update the help file and put a few examples together and it will be ready for uploading. Unfortunately, that will be when I get home. We are rained in at the moment so that will be delayed a bit.