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r10637 Win7 Crash - DrD - 09-06-2016 10:44 PM

This is a great update. Thanks for all the hard work!

I was working with VC CAS, to solve: ∫(e^x^3,x,0,5), which CAS solved just fine. So I copied the expression from the VC CAS history, to the command entry line, (and NOTE: the "Exact" checkbox must be selected, for this crash case to occur)! Then I switched over to HOME. With the expression still in the command entry line, I changed both the lower case x's, to upper case X's, and hit Enter, in HOME mode.

The first time, this just simply crashed the VC. On the second try, not only did the VC crash, but it also removed the "pinned program" from the taskbar! I restarted the VC from it's target location, and re-pinned it to the taskbar once again.

So this little two-step dance seems to be among the first crash tests for the r10637 edition. (Not that anyone would normally do something like described above).

Note to note:

Those were the steps that led to the crash, but to invoke the crash, just set the CAS "Exact" setting on, and enter ∫(e^X^3,X,0,5) in the HOME command line.