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vkb - a virtual keyboard - primer - 09-30-2016 06:19 AM

Hello please here find my virtual keyboard program.
to use it, you have to be in USER mode (shift-help, shift-help)
to open the virtual keyboard, press alpha-dot :
The keyboard appears
[Image: wbxrva.png]
you can use your screen to type letters (and keyboard for numerical)
press Enter to complete your entry, or Esc to quit.

Download vkb version 1.0 here : [attachment=3985]

Features :
- upper/lower-case keyboard
- numbers, space, +,-,*, / and () directly from physical keyboard
- use left/right arrow key to move in the entry,
- shift-left/right to move at begining/end of the entry
- shift-8 to type {}, shift-5 to type [], shift-space to type _, shift-dot to type =
- on-press highlight the key

This keyboard can be called anywhere, from program editing or note screen, on input screen... you can type a new text but not edit existing program for example.

RE: vkb - a virtual keyboard - compsystems - 09-30-2016 02:22 PM

an idea can add more options to the keyboard, inspiration from the following image

[Image: cplua08.PNG]

sequence kb [a],[b], ...[z] current
qwerty kb [q],[w], ...[m] optional
qwerty kb + num kb [q],[w], ...[m] [0]...[9]

Source: http://community.casiocalc.org/topic/2314-project-cplua/page-1

RE: vkb - a virtual keyboard - primer - 10-03-2016 07:30 AM

(09-30-2016 02:22 PM)compsystems Wrote:  qwerty kb [q],[w], ...[m] optional
qwerty kb + num kb [q],[w], ...[m] [0]...[9]
Thank you for your post.
The reason why I didn't propose qwerty layout is because of button size.
My goal was to propose widest buttons as possible (for user confort).
The 26 letters fit in 3 rows of 9 buttons.

but it's not possible to fit a qwerty layout in a 3x9 grid. (the 2 first rows need 10 buttons).

RE: vkb - a virtual keyboard - Spybot - 05-01-2017 11:00 PM

primer I really liked your program... I just found that... when using the dark mode... the letters you type are almost invisible, and the cursor (arrow) disappears. Other than that it is a great and useful program.[attachment=4744]