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Triangle Solver App - compsystems - 10-15-2016 01:24 AM

if a=1, b= 2, c= 3 returns
A=0, B=0, C=180 ?

RE: possible error in the triangle solver app - Mark Hardman - 10-15-2016 01:53 AM

Please see the following thread from the old MoHPC forum:

HP Prime Triangle solver

Cyrille explains the need to support degenerate triangles.

Mark Hardman

RE: triangle solver app - compsystems - 10-16-2016 09:26 PM

(10-15-2016 01:53 AM)Mark Hardman Wrote:  Cyrille explains the need to support degenerate triangles.

I think it should display a message warning that

and when the solution determines, that is a triangle an option to draw

[Edit] [Degree] [Solve][Draw]

RE: possible error in the triangle solver app - retoa - 10-17-2016 03:48 PM

It is definitely a triangle. Surface A=0 perimeter P=6

Very useful to demonstrate that sin(0°)=0 and cos(0°)=1

You should notice for yourself that the angles are 0°, 0° and 180°, no need the Prime says it to you.

RE: triangle solver app - compsystems - 11-03-2016 02:50 PM

Messages should be more explicit and graphic must be real

Ideas to improve application: TRIaNGLE SOLVER HP-PRIME

1: should regraphed after solving (VIEW RIGHT PART )
[Image: triangleSolver_app_hp_prime_image00.png]

2: labels must specify the angles between which sides are located

A: (b∠c)
B: (c∠a)
C: (a∠b)

a: (CB)
b: (CA)
c: (AB)

3: Solution
Case 1: Show. "Solution found: degenerate triangle"

[Image: triangleSolver_app_hp_prime_image01.png]

Case 2: Show. "No solution ... does not form a triangle, the sides are not closed"

[Image: triangleSolver_app_hp_prime_image02.png]

more info on Degeneracy:

RE: triangle solver app - compsystems - 11-14-2016 02:45 PM

Triangle Calculator is a very good application that solves triangles with a very friendly GUI, the most interesting out of which graph the result using the famous application GeoGebra (http://www.geogebra.com), is that the empty input fields in real time predict values or domain in which the user must enter (pre-solution), Plus 5 more fields of solution, heights, perimeter and area, I would like to see this same within the application of hp-prime =)

link: http://triancal.esy.es/

[Image: triangleSolver_app_image01.png]

Graph with Geo-Gebra online
[Image: triangleSolver_app_image03.png]

Info spn

RE: Triangle Solver App - Han - 11-16-2016 09:30 PM

A degenerate triangle is a triangle. A non-triangle is one where the sum of any two sides is less than the remaining side. As for the picture, the picture is simply to provide users with the knowledge that angle C is opposite of leg c (similarly for A, a, B, and b). It is not meant to be drawn to scale as it represents a generic case (and a degenerate triangle is, by definition, non-generic). This eliminates having to use the labels that you describe, because it should be very clear from the diagram. It's even color-coded!

RE: Triangle Solver App - compsystems - 11-16-2016 11:31 PM

I update the images, the graphics should be on the right as Quadratic explorer app

Info on: Solution of triangles

HP Prime and HP 50g: Spherical Triangles

RE: Triangle Solver App - compsystems - 11-20-2016 03:40 PM

The mathematical software also shows a visualization of the results


[Image: triangleSolver_app_image04.png]