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All i want for christmas is.... - toshk - 12-25-2016 07:49 AM

Virtual Calculator stops crash every time I starts it!! on (windows 7 and 10)
(tired of losing Apps / Histories and Defines )

Occasional when hardware calculator crashes not to lose Apps/Programs/Defines...
(don't have to backup every instant of the this calculator life ).

Same calculation on different Primes = what result you wish for????##$$$#$%.
STOP corrupting CAS!!! STOP corrupting CAS variables!!!

STABILITY !!! STABILITY !!! STABILITY !!! STABILITY !!! 2017 hp go get it!!

CONSTITENCY !!! CONSTITENCY !!! CONSTITENCY !!! 2017 hp go get it!

RE: All i want for christmas is.... - Giancarlo - 12-25-2016 01:57 PM

I would dream for a buzzer. Just to turn my prime into a calculator and organiser...

The rest of my needs is software (full rpn, menus, graphic editor)...

Buon Natale

Giancarlo from Italy

RE: All i want for christmas is.... - chromos - 12-26-2016 05:02 PM

Dear compsystems, please, you can make you own thread named "compsystems wishes" or whatever, but stop derailing threads of this forum. Do you want the Prime devs listen to your wishes? So you could listen to users' wishes about your behavior here too.

Merry xmas and hny 2017.

[Edit]: I forgot my wishes about hp prime (android mainly):

1) add detailed changelog to every fw update. My program has stopped working and I have no time to reverse engineering your changes.

2) better beta testing. Factory reset after not closing app with <Shift> <On> is something you could catch before release.