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copy apps from emulator - bhennink - 01-05-2017 01:10 PM


First of all best whishes for everyone.

I own a HP prime and installed the Emulator and connetivity kit.

When editting formula's in an equation I prefer to do that on the PC. and if the formula's are OK I want to send them to the HPprime via the connectivity kit.

So-far I am able to clone the emulator to the Prime but the the name of my Prime is changed to that of the emulator.

And afterwards I need to close the emulator and rename the prime again.

I tried to send the application to the 'class' but then the varables that I also have created for the equation are not copied to the prime.

So my big question is : How do I copy my emulator to my calculator without renaming it?

RE: copy apps from emulator - DrD - 01-05-2017 02:08 PM

With your physical prime connected by USB, "right-click" on the emulator's name, and one of the choices will be, "Clone from here." Selecting that, you can then go to your physical calc's name and similarly select, "Clone to here."

You can also select items from the emulator, and drag them to the physical calc using conventional drag/drop techniques. I use a different name for the physical calc than the emulator, but I don't know that it would matter. I probably should test that idea.

Does that help?


RE: copy apps from emulator - Arno K - 01-05-2017 02:47 PM

Using the same name provides problems with backups, especially if you have different content on your physical calc and your emulator. When both are connected with same name and content you cannot distinguish between them.