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HP 9805A - 9862A cable - Duane Hess - 03-13-2017 12:19 AM


Any suggestions on where to locate a pin-out of a cable to attach a 9805 to a 9862? Seems locating the interface cable seems a tad difficult.


RE: HP 9805A - 9862A cable - AndiGer - 03-13-2017 05:35 PM

If you google "HP 9862A" you will find some info on HPmuseum.net.
They mention there that it is mechanically identical to the 7210A. If you click to the 7210A link in the footing you can access some documentation.
If you download the 7210A Interface Manual you can find the pin out on page 18 (page 3/8). Maybe it is also the same as the 9862A connector. I don't know either.

PS: There is also a 42 pages 9825A-9862A Programming Manual if you are interested in