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"TI-87" computer - Joseph_21sv - 03-14-2017 04:41 AM

Inspired by the MEGA65 open computer and the color TI-84+ calculators, I had this idea for the minimum requirements for an ultimate Z80 computer:
CPU: simulates performing at least one "real" operation on a 28.64MHz Z80 (does not strictly imply using an eZ80, but the eZ80's specifications allow the most room for optimization)
Video: VGA 1024x576x16bpp (102.4 MHz dot clock), 16-bit master palette, variable chroma sampling rate, vertical/horizontal/diagonal smooth hardware scrolling, hardware parallax scrolling, hardware split-screen scrolling, 64 sprites on screen (10 per scanline), 8x8/8x16/16x16 hardware sprite size (up to 32x32 by integer zooming, 15 color palette per line), 8x8 tilemap playfield with hardware tile flipping, vector plotting
Audio: 1xsemi-soft YM2608
DMA controller
512KiB base RAM (does not strictly imply using an eZ80, but the eZ80's 24-bit address mode will dispense with the need for external memory management)
Semi-compiling structured "floating"-point BASIC interpreter in ROM (not necessary for this to be in any part object-oriented, but it would be interesting) with graphics and sound commands
(Micro) USB I/O
10/100 Mbit Ethernet
P. S. I have also had the idea that, similarly to many historic 8 bit computers and the TI-Z80 graphing calculators, this computer may come with its main board inside its keyboard.