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[Solved] 50g port 2 (FLASH) memory. Not 766 kb - pier4r - 04-13-2017 07:11 AM

To test the new RPL, I had to flash the firmware. Since the newRPL does not seem able to communicate with a PC yet - but for the ones that wants to juggle with the SD card should be fine, - I decided to go back to the 2.15 firmware since I wanted to do some computations.

Then I noticed this in the 2.15 upgrade.pdf (the pdf file that comes with the zip holding the 2.15 firmware, downloaded from hpcalc.org)

Quote:An empty 50g Port2 will report 766KB in the filer.

Now my 50g is not empty, but the numbers do not add up.

[Image: LZwYX06.png]

Memory plus size of the libraries and data:
344183 bytes, not 766000 (or similar values).

Why is it so? (update: the "memory" part always refer to the home, not to the current selected port. So my computation is misleading)

I tried to search on google (string "site:hpmuseum.org flash size 50g" ) but I got only confirmations or unrelated threads.

- http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv018.cgi?read=145388

update1: the SD filer library is missing, and it was installed before.
update2: maybe it is exactly the "port2 issues" mentioned in the upgrade procedure? I give it a try with the 2 MB ROM fix.

update3: ok, my bad, it was exactly the port 2 issue. with the 2 mb rom fix it worked again.

RE: [Solved] 50g port 2 (FLASH) memory. Not 766 kb - Vtile - 04-13-2017 07:34 AM

That port2 issue makes you always freak out a bit at first, until you realise the 2MB update. Smile

RE: [Solved] 50g port 2 (FLASH) memory. Not 766 kb - Claudio L. - 04-13-2017 01:51 PM

Just for future reference (for people digging for a solution in the future), this is perfectly normal after installing a custom ROM (newRPL or any other). I should make it clear in the download page of the project how to revert back to stock so people don't trip on this.

newRPL uses *ALL* the ROM (2MB), while the stock firmware uses only 1.3 MB and leaves 768k for the user banks (Port 2).
When you flash newRPL you will overwrite your user banks, hence I always recommend doing a backup including anything you have in Port 2.
To restore stock firmware, you need to extract and flash the special ROM file inside the "2MB FIX.zip", which is nothing but a stock ROM with correctly formatted, empty user banks added at the end. Flashing this version will reset your Port 2 banks to factory condition, while flashing a standard stock ROM will leave chunks of newRPL on your user flash banks, causing the system to discard the banks affected and display less available memory.