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Rocker Navigation - Vars, Toolbox and Units - CR Haeger - 03-12-2014 02:00 AM

This may have been mentioned early after HP Prime launch.

It seems that the touchscreen must be used to change to a different menu category when Vars, Toolbox and/or shift-Units selected.

Please consider also allowing the user to move L or R between the six menu categories using the rocker switch** versus the screen. Perhaps allow the highlighter to go to the top (above #1) or to the bottom which would then enable the L or R movement.

For example, pressing Vars:
- Assume the last menu used was Vars/Home and you want to select Vars/App
- Pressing Vars brings up the Vars/Home/1 Real menu
- Press rocker up one. which highlights Vars/Home Vars
- Press rocker right twice which highlights Vars/App Vars
- Use rocker to select Vars/App Vars menu item desired

This feature may allow for faster more accurate menu selections and keep the screen cleaner.


** Temporarily reassigning Vars to Backspace row of keys as menus 1-6 might be an option as well.