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On Calc Help (suggestion) - DrD - 09-08-2017 10:58 AM

Tthe on-calc help system could be more useful if command auto-completion (anticipation) could be incorporated. The idea I have in mind is something like this (example):

[Command Entry Line]
te (press [Help] here ==> The on-calc Help command list shows up at first command with te, (or the earliest, preceding, alphabetic command), from which a user can scroll up/down from that point if needed. The general idea is that TEXTOUT_P would be just a few characters away, interactively using the [Help] on-calc resource.

Backspace would undo the [Help] tracking sequence. Selecting a command from the list, would replace the source typed command characters with the selected command, at the command entry point.

Super enhancement: User continues to type command letters, with the [Help] list following the users input, until stopped by [Esc], or the desired command is selected.

The upshot here is to improve the on-calc help system. The idea is to make the on-calc help content more accessible, and user-friendly, in an interactive way. If you agree that the help system should be more dynamic, speak up, and encourage the development team to give the idea significant priority. Perhaps a consensus voice will be productive!

RE: On Calc Help (suggestion) - webmasterpdx - 09-08-2017 11:31 AM

That would also speed up inputting programs....however, it should be a feature that can be enabled/disabled as I can see where some users would not want it....