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ILPER -linux-2-beta
12-24-2020, 09:01 PM
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RE: ILPER -linux-2-beta
(12-24-2020 07:03 PM)hth Wrote:  I have a noob question.

How possible would it be to connect to ILPER in a purely simulator environment?

I have my debugger/simulator. I suppose I could implement some kind of IL support inside it and act on the IL related Nut instructions. What is the role of Pilbox? How can I connect to ILPer internally, using a tty or something?

Put another way, I think the PILbox just connects over USB/serial device to the Linux computer, what are the protocols and responsibilities of the entities involved?

ILPer can also communicate via TCP/IP, so entirely virtual configurations are possible, as are:

* Virtual peripherals, real controller
* Real peripherals, virtual controller

Even the DOS-based emulators, Emu41, Emu71/DOS, and Emu75 can connect to ILPer.

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