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ILPER -linux-2-beta
02-04-2018, 08:13 PM (This post was last modified: 02-20-2018 07:11 PM by cgh.)
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ILPER -linux-2-beta

I am currently redesigning the ILPER-linux utility. By default, 4 devices will be supported: a display, a mass, a serial (fully ported from EMU41/ILSERIAL.C) and a new one (see below). Now, the speed for the PIL-Box (115200 or 9600) is automatically detected. The ILPER peripherals all belongs into a standalone library and so may be used by another software (nsimII will support ILPER in the coming release). The PIL-Box management is also put into a standalone library suporting both device (COFF) and controller (CON) mode. So, it will be possible to access real IL peripherals with an emulator like nsimII. The scope mode is also enhanced, as now, it prints what the commands outgoing the PIL-Box in normal and these incoming in REVERSE mode. This is useful for debugging. Speaking about debug, the ILPER and PILBOX library support also the debug mode and a dedicated window will be in charge to display the messages (commands G and g).

I also tried to develop some new ILPER peripherals. Of course, these are virtual and run only beside ILPER.

The first one is ILsocket. It gives the facilities to send and receive messages, programs, files, LIF images using the INET sockets (UNIX socket are also supported, but useful only if running on the same computer).
ILsocket is an interface (AID 78) and accept commands when set in LOCAL mode. Commands are available to change the local or remote address, get status, get input or output buffer indexes, change between TEXT mode (CR/LF are delimiters) and RAW mode (CR/LF are normal characters), and enters into the MASS mode.
When entered in MASS mode, ILsocket changes its AID to 16 and so acts as a MASS storage peripheral. But, the LIF images, files, programs, ... stand into its internal buffers and are sent when the write is completed or when a TRIGGER command is sent. When set for receiving, a DIR or CAT will show the LIF content and programs may be load into memory.

Of course, it is still in development and test and I just get my second PIL-Box working, to be able to do some transfer between a HP-41C, a HP-71B and a HP-75C.

The sources are included (this is for Linux systems, but should be working on some others *Nix systems like MacOS/X and *BSD).

I will thank J-F Garnier for his kind support, help and suggestions... and for the PIL-Box Smile And also Christoph Gie├čelink for the first ILPER in C.

The final version (depending of returns and suggestions I will have) is expected soon.

Have fun.

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