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Prime Pro App, No connectivity wirelessly
06-19-2018, 03:27 PM
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RE: Prime Pro App, No connectivity wirelessly
The best guess we are working under is that by using network broadcast packets to find and identify across the network we are running afoul of systems that block this considering it a security risk. Network topology, antivirus, and all sorts of things can potentially cause issues.

The best idea we have to avoid this is to switch to using zeroconf/bonjour protocol to find and identify apps on other devices. This is because those are going to be much less likely to be blocked (being "standard" protocols), and are natively supported on every OS except windows. In other words, by using that it should hopefully be less likely to be blocked.

That takes a while to do however since everything in the networking discovery requires rewriting amd then testing for all platforms.... and I've been in the process of moving to Taipei as discussed elsewhere. Big Grin

So yes, we are "working on it" but can't say when or if it comes out as always (since we aren't allowed to speak definitively about any future dates or commitments)


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