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Multi-letter variables in RPN
02-26-2018, 08:50 PM
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RE: Multi-letter variables in RPN
(02-26-2018 09:50 AM)Graham D. Wilson Wrote:  Thanks Arno. I am tempted to dump RPN, but only for a millisecond because RPN is so useful for number crunching and chain calculations. For these operations in the examples I've tried, there are more keypresses for Textbook & Algebraic entry compared to RPN. So I'll soldier on with RPN in Home and Textbook in CAS.

Thanks Carsen. The most elegant HP calculator with the nicest keypresses that I own IMO is the 28S.

I view the Prime as two calculators in one. I see the CAS View as a mini version of Maple or Mathmatica and I see the HOME View as a scientific RPN calculator. I do most of my symbolic work in the CAS view (although sometimes I'll compute an indefinite integral in RPN). Anything else, I use in the HOME View (definite integrals, solve, etc.)

Huh, I guess I'll have to try the 28S. To be honest, I dismissed it because it was a fold up machine but your (Graham's) review on the calc has sparked my interest a little.
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