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Had to hard reset hp41cx, similar experiences?
02-24-2018, 11:58 PM
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RE: Had to hard reset hp41cx, similar experiences?
(02-24-2018 10:49 PM)twdeckard Wrote:  Had a peculiar, disappointing, experience and I am curious how often others have experienced it?
Back then when I wrote programs on the HP-41 itself in the early 1980ies, I experienced several lock-ups and crashes, so one of the first accessories I bought was a card reader.
When the X-Functions module came out, I bought one of course. However it appeared that X-Memory contents were even more volatile than main memory contents.
Overall system stability of the HP-41 is great, but one of the things I learned early was that data/programs w/o a backup were superfluous:-)

Quote:Its the first time this has happened, has anyone experienced similar?
Don't forget that even the latest HP-41CX units are nearly 30 years old.
Electronic components are prone to age. I have some early HP-41C CPU boards with weak capacitors. These hardly power up on the first go, but after some time with batteries in, they will work fine. Until I remove the batts, of course.

Quote:The unit suffers in my backpack and its quite possible it was subjected to a thousand monkey's pushing keys during the course of its rough ride. However, it felt like ESD or some other mystery.
Given your calc treatment, it seems you just were lucky it didn't happen before;-)

-- Ray
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