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Issues in firmware r13441
02-26-2018, 04:54 AM
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RE: Issues in firmware r13441
Some more bugs I've found:
1. The CHOOSEDATE will go wrong when you change the date lower than 1982.10.1 or higher than 9999.12.31.
2. The alpha blend sometimes goes wrong a bit, for example PIXON_P(0,0,#FFh);PIXON_P(0,0,#C00000FFh);GETPIX_P(0,0);will get #FEh instead of #FFh
3. DIMGROB_P(G1,-1,-1) crashes the calculator and DIMGORB_P(G1,-1,1) is accepted.
4.The Demo_RORATE has a wrong pragma, the integer base should be d instead of h.
5.There are two pade's in the help catalog.
6.The arc function in cas will not work because it's overloaded by ARC in home view.
7.Anything related to debugging a cas program crashes such as halt.
8.A point on the ellipse is not on the ellipse, for example element(ellipse(1,-1,2),1) is not on the point.
9.The locus function gives me undef when the point is defined with single_inter function.
10.A string such as "\001" can be interpreted as "\0 01" or "\001" and is interpreted as "\0 01"
11.Press copy when you are editing the name of a program and you'll get something strange.
12.The cas can't interpret 0...1 as 0. ..1 .
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