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Issues in firmware r13441
02-26-2018, 04:25 PM (This post was last modified: 02-26-2018 04:28 PM by Tim Wessman.)
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RE: Issues in firmware r13441
No it isn't. But it will be the most direct way to report things and just putting lists of bugs (or things you think are bugs which about 1/3 of these aren't at first glance) without any discussion isn't really of interest to most people.

That email will directly go to people actively monitoring it and creating bug reports so things can begin getting tracked. Posting things in a forum somewhere depends on me or someone else to actively find it. If one of us missed seeing it, then it just disappeared.

So if people are really interested in reporting a bug, the most direct way to do it is sending an email to the calc beta email address.


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