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Breakeven Point Equation Error
03-09-2018, 03:27 AM
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Breakeven Point Equation Error
In the HP Prime's Help system and User's Guide, they both state that the calculator uses the equation Fixed + Quantity * Cost=Quantity*Sales + Profit in the Break-even Point solver. However, this equation does not yield the same result as the solver nor does it give the correct answer.

I believe the correct equation would be similar to Fixed + Quantity * Cost=Quantity * Sales - Profit.

In short, the HP Prime gets the correct answer. Only the equation displayed in the help system and the User's Guide is incorrect. I'm pointing this out to help HP.

On a side note, thank you HP for this powerful Finance APP! I'm cutting through problems like butter with it. I use the Prime all the time now. Fantastic machine. I also recommended the Prime to a friend of mine and he LOVES it too.
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