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Found these inside a non-working 71B
11-18-2020, 08:00 PM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2020 08:02 PM by Paul Berger (Canada).)
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RE: Found these inside a non-working 71B
(11-18-2020 07:26 PM)KimH Wrote:  Thanks Paul!

I thought (hoped) it could be a less invasiv proces than to break the module, but as Germans would say “everybody cooks with water, there are only so many ways”. the card reader option is not as need, can’t be moved from device to device. I’ll post an image once I am done.

(11-18-2020 07:01 PM)Paul Berger (Canada) Wrote:  I made my adapter from a 4K module. I removed all the chips off the little circuit card inside and removed all of the copper trace that I could until I was left with a bare board with just the bus connector pins. I then cut a hole in the front of the shell to fit a small pitch connector, glued in the connector and wired it up to the pins of the bus connector. Initially when I did this my main purpose was to make up a plugin to disable the onboard OS ROMs so I could use a later version loaded on a FRAM module, but I was also curious about the signal timing so I expanded its function.

You can also pick up all of the bus signals on the pins for the card reader, and those have the advantage of being on the same board as the CPU which could come in handy if you have a connection problem between the CPU card and the memory / I/O card.


You could probably do it without destroying the module but it might make it hard to fit the connector inside. Since I had a FRAM a 4K module was deemed expendable.

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