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Serial cord for 95LX
04-07-2018, 01:52 AM
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RE: Serial cord for 95LX
(04-07-2018 01:04 AM)striegel Wrote:  Here are some images of another cable and adapter for converting the serial connection from a 100LX/200LX to the smaller 95LX serial port.

All together, the images are too large to post here directly, so they're all on a web page where you can click on any of them to get a much bigger photo.


Be careful, there are 2 totally incompatible types of the 10-pin connector, 1 used by the 100LX/200LX and the other by the 38G/39G/40G/49G, and using the wrong one can damage your machine. In this case, be sure you are using a genuine 200LX cable and not one from the calcs. listed above (which also came with the same type of adapter to connect to a 48).

See details in Joe Horn's famous Cable Table.

p.s. Nice webpage with clear photos Alan. Adding to my collection...

--Bob Prosperi
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