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CuVee Software RPN-67 Magnetic Card Backups
03-23-2018, 06:26 PM
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CuVee Software RPN-67 Magnetic Card Backups
Just wanted to point out that if you are already a Dropbox user with access from your iPad, sharing backup copies of CuVee Software RBN67 program cards to your Dropbox account is a convenient alternative to using the built-in “email a copy to yourself” option.

It also has two additional advantages: The self-assigned file name is the more useful YourAssignedDescriptionText.rpn67 instead of the general HP67ProgCard.rpn67 which is reused for all emailed programs. And when overwriting earlier but now obsolete backup versions is desired, it is easier and cleaner in an environment where the .rpn67 file is a normal file in a hard-drive folder, than an email attachment in an email program.

Use the sharing Open/Paste Program option to copy the Dropbox resident XML file back to the RPN67 app on your iPad if and when necessary.

No big deal, but adopting this method has smoothed my RPN67 related work flow, and thought I’d pass it along.

Wow, this extended RPN67 is for sure a giant-step beyond the HP-65 I treasured at my first engineering job back in the 70’s.

Long live HP RPN!
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