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Programming problem
03-29-2018, 07:57 AM
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RE: Programming problem
(03-29-2018 02:21 AM)Fortin Wrote:  Please check the digit grouping setting in home to see if you have it set to a setting with "," and "." swapped. If so, try changing it and then edit and "check" the program to see if it "checks" now. If this is the issue, you can alternatively try a pragma line at the start of the program if you like your digit grouping setting the way it was.

Digit grouping was the problem. In my country we use comma as a point. And I changed original setup not expecting it could impact programming. Unexperienced user, sorry.
And for all od you of course I know I should use double backslash for a comment, and I used simple backslash only for illustrating my problem, not in a real tested program.
Thanks all of you
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