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HP-71B directory of 9114B disk
03-31-2018, 10:59 PM
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RE: HP-71B directory of 9114B disk
(03-31-2018 10:23 PM)Craig Bladow Wrote:  Thanks Bob! That worked!

Do you know if there exists a LIF <-> CP/M disk utility since the HP-86 could run CP/M with the addition of an HP Model 82900A?

Glad that helped.

Short answer: Nothing simple.

The Series-80 CP/M file system essentially exists inside a single LIF file, and there is no cooked-in way to import/export files. After much discussion (perhaps 1-1.5 years ago on the Series-80 newsgroup) IIRC, the consensus was that the easiest method is to use serial ports to send the subject file to another machine, and then possibly back to Series-80, depending on if the target machine can natively write/read LIF media. This is one of the key reasons Series-80 CP/M pretty much failed from the beginning.

After the discussion noted above, I never heard any further solutions, so no idea if anyone perfected any file exchange process, I know I was discouraged and stopped looking.

So while I am happy to have a CP/M co-processor card for my HP-87XM, odds of actually using it are slim.

I'd suggest you post a note in the Series-80 newsgroup, it's possible someone has developed a usable technique.

--Bob Prosperi
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