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HP Prime Tutorial Video: FILLPOLY
04-15-2014, 02:55 PM
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RE: HP Prime Tutorial Video: FILLPOLY
Good work, Eddie! Thanks for your effords.
Videos can be a alternative to the written word because the spoken word generates, sometimes, an other atmosphere.
Personally I appreciate a text. Maybe it would be a good idea to write down the essence of the videos and link to that in youtube?

Ideas for Videos... hm maybe you could investigate performance issues when splitting calculations in submodules? How does the way you treat vectors affect the speed? Do similar functions differ in these terms? (think of dim vs size)
Avoidable timesinks. I know that this is not what the world needs, but interessting anyway, I think.
Structured programming. And, of course, examples, examples, examples of how the commands work, how programs are integrated and expand in the workflow with the rom functionality.

Personally I am happy for each and every piece of code and every single presentation of the commands in programs. (thinking of that a single pdf or blog collection of your work would be of enhanced usability again)

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