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04-08-2018, 09:05 PM
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Hi there,

Thought I'd do an introduction as a test post. I resurrected my HP-41CX from storage that I got back in college (late 80's) as a physics major. I have the magnetic card reader, an extended memory module, the IR module and IR connected printer for it. I'm also think I have still hidden away one of those bar-code reader wands.

I was looking for a list of modules for the HP-41C's that indicated which ones were compatible with the different calculators but could not find anything definitive (i.e. C vs. CV vs. CX). I also could not find a list of the modules with their descriptions of what each does. Any resource like what I described that can be shared with me would be much appreciated.


Just a nerd girl with too much alphabet soup behind her name and an HP-41CX.
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