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04-09-2018, 12:48 PM
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RE: Hello!
(04-08-2018 09:05 PM)ID_girl Wrote:  I was looking for a list of modules for the HP-41C's that indicated which ones were compatible with the different calculators but could not find anything definitive (i.e. C vs. CV vs. CX).

Welcome to the Forum.

There is a list of accessories and all the standard HP ROM modules here.

Almost every ROM module is compatible with all models (41C/41CV/41CX) with some obvious exceptions such as the Extended Functions and Time modules don't work in the 41CX (they are both built-in).

If/when you start looking at some of the modern ROMs from Angel Martin, many of those are exclusively for the 41CL, which is a 41 that has been updated with a new board that is up to 50 times faster and has flash memory to contain literally 500 ROMs which you can load with some simple commands (see here for details).

--Bob Prosperi
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