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HP-80s and HP-71s
04-26-2018, 07:07 PM
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RE: HP-80s and HP-71s

In my experience (online) auction houses/platforms are the last remaining source for old calculators. Occasionally one can still find something on a flea market or in a thrift store but this requires an awful lot of time and travel. The classifieds section in this forum or similar ones may be a starting point also.

From the 1000 or so calculators in my collection (around 10% of which are from HP) 950 come from eBay. The others were donations, flea market finds or purchases in my private or professional surroundings. 2 or 3 I even bought in a shop. Rather 2 than 3. But unfortunately there are not many shops which have an HP-71B...

Good luck with finding one!
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