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HP-41 FORTH; The most misunderstood Module?
04-16-2014, 03:02 PM
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RE: HP-41 FORTH; The most misunderstood Module?
Hi Ángel, all,

Thanks again for enlighten yet another obscure SW aspect of these 'beauties'... :-)

I'll have this corrected in the next version of ClonixConfig... along with the NoV-64_no_HEPAX version, the USB-41 page transfer (thanks also for your help debugging this) and re-writtting it all on VB6 to get rid of .NET dependencies.

For now, and since current configuration utility allows user to choose any page at any bank, if you want to play with the updated Forth on Clonix/NoVs, just select Forth-L4.ROM (the updated one) and Forth-H5.ROM and allocate them at page 4 bank 1 and (for example) page 8 bank 1, respectively.



PS, Forth-L4.ROM has already been updated in the If you don't need the whole archive, page image is available here.

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