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Commodore m55, anyone got one?
05-18-2018, 01:02 PM (This post was last modified: 05-19-2018 07:36 AM by blackjetrock.)
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Commodore m55, anyone got one?
I have finally got my hands on a Commodore m55, albeit in broken form when I got it. I fixed it up and got it working, I have a video here if you're interested:

Now, I got the calculator going and was trying various things out and I got to the gallons/litres conversion function. When I converted 1 gallon to litres I got the expected answer: 4.54 or so. Hmm, hang on a minute, that's the expected value for me as I'm in the UK. I checked the manual and the figure it quotes for the conversion is 3.7854 or so. So my calculator doesn't agree with the manual. I'm pretty sure my calculator was a UK purchased one so it has a US value in the manual and a UK conversion factor. Does anyone over in the US have a Commodore m55? Could you try converting a gallon to litres and see what you get?

I didn't notice a jumper to switch US/UK on the PCB but there could have been, I suppose. Are there any internal photos of US m55s on the web anywhere?

Does this mean I don't have a complete set of 60 series Commodores?
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