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∫−sin(x)*(cos(x))^7dx wrong answer? [SOLVED]
05-27-2018, 12:10 PM
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RE: ∫−sin(x)*(cos(x))^7dx wrong answer?
(05-26-2018 01:40 PM)parisse Wrote:  to Aries: I guess the TI nspire does not try as many transformations than the HP.
Therefore simple exercices (that can be solved in your head) might return a more complicated answer on the HP because the HP algorithm tries a rule that the TI does not try. But when you get an answer on the HP and nothing on the TI, you are happy to have the HP. For example sin(x)^2*cos(x)^2*exp(x). Or (2x^2+1)*exp(x^2).

I agree. Hp can give the same result. The issue is that to know/learn how to use it.
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