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HP Prime vs HP 49G/50G Programming
06-04-2018, 12:44 PM
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RE: HP Prime vs HP 49G/50G Programming
(05-29-2018 01:31 AM)Jacob Wall Wrote:  In my opinion based on personal experience, there is no translation "system" that could be used. I have found that both UserRPL and SysRPL on the 50g are so slow to read and make sense of a few months or possibly years after you wrote it yourself, that it's quicker just to re-write in PPL. As long as you understand the purpose of the program, it's much faster to create the equivalent PPL program than RPL. And as an added bonus, when looking at PPL code later, it is much easier and faster to understand (at least to me) and as a result to debug and such.

I should add that the above is especially true for optimized RPL programs that make good use of the stack for complex calculations.

The guide could be called "Forget everything about RPL and learn a new and improved language. The End."

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed writing RPL programs, it's the reading part that I don't like.

Others may disagree.

What intimidated me about RPL in the first place was based on RPN. Once I got familiar and worked with RPN, RPL became easier to me. That INFORM command takes a lot of practice because the syntax is very complex.
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