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newbie to Prime
06-11-2018, 12:32 AM
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RE: newbie to Prime
Hello Tim Thank you for the reply. Let me explain: I am now in my 94th year, have an electrical engineering degree, been retired for years, do not use the phone (it is a Princess land line model and remains unplugged due to advertising), am involved with a Yahoo groop associated with FM Tuners, the high-end variety, am developing driver circuitry for 32 Ohm headphones for use with these tuners (i have a Yamaha T-85 used for a test signal) just to keep occupied. The driver is made from obsolete discrete parts (like the T-85) and includes a CFP, complementary feedback pair, stage. It has been a learning experience, too. Low voltage, low impedance requirements. 32 Ohm headphone signals are in the millivolts.

So that is all about the current me. No smartphone but uses calculators, starting with a -35, the first programable HP model. Better than a P & E log-log decitrig slide rule with a 30 inch cube scale.

well, your question regarding language and who to address marketing-wise and how to get the buyer to unlock, my question is if the user will intuitively move the padlock to the side, why bother to have it? Will the young user with smart phone experience just do as the screen requests and us other users have to ask? Even if I am the only one?

And I turned to the quick start guide for info. I guess I've become obsolete, relying on paper info these days. And that is why I came to this forum for help. I figured someone here would know how and let me know. And that is also why I used the Newbie designation. Jeez.

And as an aside, just how is a smartphone SMART? Does ir REASON or THINK? There was a game called Pawns years ago. It could be made to reason and not defeated, ever. It reasoned. Phone? Not the game, but reasoning. and not canned answers which we so often get. Went for help on something else the other day and wound up realizing I was communicating with a computer. And getting no help.

So, Tim, good to hear from you. No, I do not have an answer for you regarding your turn-on screen. Can't help. Obsolete, like the transistors I'm using.




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