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Value of a small 9825A system
07-20-2018, 12:26 AM
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Value of a small 9825A system
I have the chance to acquire a 9825A system consisting of:
- an early 9825A (old keyboard style)
- a graphics translator 1350A along with an original analog HP monitor (don't know the exact type)
- an eight inch floppy drive 9885A
The computer comes fully equipped with four ROM modules (can't see which ones) and (at least) the interface for the floppy drive, of course.
All devices power up, more testing isn't done; Cosmetically they are in good condition. Of course I assume that the internal cassette drive has to be refurbished. Documentation in German language is included.

Especially the graphics system seems to be very nice ( see description and video on the .net site! ) and rare.
But since I didn't collect any of the old calculators of the seventies so far, it is difficult for me to estimate the value of such a system.
I don't know yet if I would like to keep the system, or if I would trade or sell the devices.
Of course I know that the description could be more precise, but it would be helpful to know a minimum value, a selling price that could be achieved EASILY on TAS or elsewhere.
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