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Spreadsheet: insert/delete rows/columns?
08-05-2018, 07:35 AM
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RE: Spreadsheet: insert/delete rows/columns?
I would propose something like:
Rinsert(Row,v1,v2,v3,v4...) if Row exists it will be replaced, to add at the end, Row=0
Cinsert(Col,v1,v2,v3,v4...) if Col exists it will be replaced, to add at the end, Col=0
Rdelete(Row,[0,1]) where 0=without rest rows shift, 1=with rest rows shift
Cdelete(Col,[0,1]) where 0=without rest cols shift, 1=with rest cols shift
Sort(Col,[0,1]) where 0=Ascendant and 1=Descendant
CellSearch(value) to retrun 0 if not found or a table with Rows, Cols of occurrences of the cells containing the value
SSSave(filename) to save the current spreadsheet on the flash memory
SSOpen(filename) to load the saved spreadsheet and replace the existing
SSDelete(filename) to delete a saved spreadsheet from the flash memory

Of course, the naming of the commands is subjective

This would open a new perspectives and indeed push far away the limits of the HP Prime
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