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Prime Security ID
08-04-2018, 10:43 PM
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RE: Prime Security ID
(08-04-2018 10:09 PM)Voldemar Wrote:  Someone could register Your Prime on HP's website on his own name.

Not anymore. I just registered it via the HP website, thanks to your tip. :-)

Just to let everyone know, I had to use a VPN to get the HP site to allow me to register it to my US mailing address. Without the VPN, the HP site auto-switches me to their Japanese site, since I am located in Japan. I also tried and failed to register it via my iPhone. An error was generated when I tried that, but when I switched to my MacBook Pro, registration worked fine. Must be some website incompatibility with iOS.

Anyway, my two Primes are registered to me, so I am not concerned about my photos on Flickr. I only posted two photos currently, since I am thinking about doing an unboxing on video, for posting to YouTube. I could make the entire video about "how to actually open an HP Prime blister pack," since that dreadful package is so difficult to open. I requires some serious skill!
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