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CAS Simplify: HP Prime vs. TI Nspire
08-15-2018, 11:24 AM
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RE: CAS Simplify: HP Prime vs. TI Nspire
(08-14-2018 02:31 PM)Gene Wrote:  Hi Aries, I agree these are not simplification examples... and I have no doubt that the nSpire can solve them by IBP as you show.

But, that requires more knowledge than merely the integration symbol... which parallels (it seems to me) the PRIME example of needing to do the special TRIG function to simplify some things instead of simply the simplify which works on the nSpire. The PRIME can apparently integrate the expressions shown without the need to use the IBP approach... so I think it has some parallels there.

I posted this to the other forum not at all trying to be a fan boy and argue that the PRIME is better than the nSPIRE. I suspect there are a number of problems where both provide solutions in the most straightforward way and other problems where the PRIME can solve them using a "less" straightforward or more detailed way... and similar but perhaps different problems where the nSpire requires a "less" straightforward approach.

Does not mean that one is better or worse than the other. They are simply tools. Use the one that is best for the problems you face.

That was my intent. :-)

Im with you Wink

Aries Smile
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