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How to properly add apps via the MacOS Connectivity Kit
08-24-2018, 12:12 AM
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RE: How to properly add apps via the MacOS Connectivity Kit
(08-23-2018 04:21 PM)BERNARD MICHAUD Wrote:  I think Tim means to collape the tree of your program folder, not the tree in the CK.

Then drag the folder containing your program into the Content Folder and from there drag it in the >Application Library in the Calculator window in the CK.

Regardless of which tree, the only solution for me was to first drag to the Contents section, then subsequently drag from the Contents section to the Calculators panel above.

By the way, were you or anyone else here able to recreate my repeatable crash? No one mentioned anything about that.

I'm continuing to send Tim crash logs about Virtual Prime on the Mac though, via email. For your Mac users out there, please try this:

1. Open Virtual Prime and do nothing at all.
2. Switch to other apps and use them for a few hours.
3. Switch back to Virtual Prime and click the Toolbox icon.
4. Do you get a crash? (I do.)

Tim kindly fixed the crash on Quit bug that I reported, which is great, but there are still other areas that crash. There is also the bug that makes text vanish from the display of Virtual Prime. When that occurs, there is a tiny square with an "?" in the middle in place of all keyboard shortcuts in the menus of Virtual Prime. That indicates a FONT PROBLEM. I've reported this to Tim by email, but I would encourage my fellowing Virtually Prime using Mac users to test and share thoughts on that.

I seek to obliterate all the bugs from both the Connectivity Kit and Virtual Prime on the Mac. Connectivity Kit is very usable (again, I refer you to the workaround I found by moving programs and apps into the Contents section first), but Virtual Prime has numerous problems on the Mac that take all the joy and efficiency out of using it.

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