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HP 39gs programming languages
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RE: HP 39gs programming languages
(08-20-2018 07:36 AM)Sava Wrote:  
(08-19-2018 01:52 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  This website has a lot of programs and information about the 39gs/40gs (and the older 38/39/40/39+ models):

I have hardly used the 38/39/40 series at all, but I have read that one should learn to use the basic applet language before trying SysRPL, which is also very true for the 48/49/50 series.

I read this site, and it seems I need ADK39. I tried the version from this site, but it doesn't work with Windows 10. Of course I can use virtual machine with old Woindows OS, but I think it isn't convenient. Maybe you or someone else can tell me, where can I download ADK39 working with Windows 10, please?

If its still of interest, you can download a program called winevdm which provides a 16bit subsystem to win 10 64 bit. Its a few 100 kb download and a registry file hack, so much much easier than installing a virtual OS!

Ive just tested it with ADK39 running on Win10 64 and it works just fine:

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