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H->HMS conversion HP-15C vs. HP42S vs HP67
09-10-2018, 07:13 PM
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RE: H->HMS conversion HP-15C vs. HP42S vs HP67
(09-10-2018 06:53 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  
(09-10-2018 06:18 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  Did HP Prime still use this DD.MMSS form ?

No, it uses a special display format, similar to Casio. For example, →HMS(pi) yields 3º08'29.73355".

For the record: the WP31s offers both ways: you can temporarily display an angle in d°mm'ss,ss" format or you can convert it as usual to d.mmssss.

(09-10-2018 06:53 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  Note: I just looked up the HP48 →HMS function in HP's source code, and it mentions that REV:A of the HP 48 had the 60 second bug! It even gives 1.49999999999 --> 1.2960 as the example! Golly. But then it says that the bugfix "sacrifices a small amount of accuracy in final result due to intermediate rounding."

Simply do a→H and →H.MS sequence and everything is fine again.

On the other hand the HP35s gets it right: it returns exactly 1,3 (1°30'). I assume this is also true for later HP48 ROM revisions.
The 16-digit WP31s displays 1,2960 but this is only due to display rounding. The full 16-digit result is 1,295999999996400.

BTW, both the '41 and the '67 return 1,295999999 for an input of 1,499999999. The true result is 1,29599999964 so this should have been rounded to 1,2960 or 1,3000.

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