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HP calculator with largest math (stats, logic, etc..) and data structure functions
09-21-2018, 05:30 PM (This post was last modified: 09-21-2018 05:32 PM by pier4r.)
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HP calculator with largest math (stats, logic, etc..) and data structure functions
(could be that this topic was already discussed but I found none)

In the 50g AUR, page I-2 , there is a table showing with which hardware or firmware revision in the RPL family (28, 48, 49, 50) a function became available to the user.

Some months ago I admired the math pac of the 71B and I know that the 71B was the ancestor of all the Saturn-based systems (that are the RPL based systems!?), therefore I am asking myself the following question:
Which is the calculator, discontinued (to consider "final" works only, not ongoing projects), that received the most functions for math and data structure manipulation directly from HP?

For example the 71B has the math pac as extension, but that is directly from HP. So it counts. The 41 has surely something similar from HP as extension card. 9100 and 9800 could be included as well and whatever device marketed by HP as calculator, at least for the main focus of the device (the 80 series I am not sure, I am not sure whether they were "just" calculators).

I am also aware that quantity is not equal quality, but I have to start somewhere. Since at the moment I have little knowledge about the extension of the math library for older models, which place is better than this forum to ask such question?

Naively I would have imagined that every new functions in an hp calculator would be documented, and then implemented on the new high end calculator. So theoretically the 50g would have everything that the 49, 48, 42, 15C, 41, 71B, 75 (etc..) had. Is that so?

Does the 50g have all the neat functions that the 71B math pac exposes? Does the 71B have all the functions of the 15C ?

Specifically math and data structure (matrices, lists, structures, tuples, vectors, trees, etc..) functions. How to open a file or the like is too OS/device dependent.

In case there is no complete answer, could you provide pointers? I know that in the worst case I should go and compare the manuals of all the calculators, but maybe someone did some work on the topic already.

Counterexamples can also greatly help. Like "look the 71B can do this with matrices, in the RPL functions provided by HP, that is not possible". Or "the 15c could do that, the 42S couldn't".

If every high end model somehow has functions that other HP calculators do not have, which one is the most well equipped (by HP)?

I'd say the 50g. But actually the 48G was produced for long time and could be expanded, the 41C and 71B too, so I am not sure if hp ended putting a lot of math/data structure functions in the 50g, while doing less on previous models.

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