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SZ_Mandelbrot explorer
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SZ_Mandelbrot explorer
Based on an old fractal explorer I made more than three decades ago. In this implementation is just a Mandelbrot part. Straightforward implementation, without extra space and extra passes. Color scheme is arbitrary, here made only by simple shifting. There is no need to wait to be drawn full screen.


Moving by cursors
Press point on the screen to zoom in
+ : Zoom in
- : Zoom out
1 : Iteration limit decrease by 25
2 : Iteration limit increase by 25
Num : Allow value editing
Esc : Exit from the program
Help: This help

Calling convention:

SZ_Mandelbrot(X, Y, Zoom, Iter)

Where X is real part and Y is imaginary part of complex c constant. Zoom factor can be up to 31 according to HP Prime precision. Iteration value can be according to zoom factor.


SZ_Mandelbrot(0, 0, 1, 150)
SZ_Mandelbrot(−1.76647949222, 4.17785644529ᴇ−2, 14, 150)
SZ_Mandelbrot(−0.562231445313, 0.642797851563,11,150)
SZ_Mandelbrot(−9.0770740062ᴇ−3, 0.706640247723,31,225)

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