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experience of installation and execution of the simulator hp-prime virtual
10-25-2018, 01:39 PM (This post was last modified: 10-26-2018 03:32 PM by compsystems.)
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experience of installation and execution of the simulator hp-prime virtual
Hello, these days the simulator of the hp-prime calculator was installed in 40 computers in a math classroom of a university center, in the installation and execution experience the following was observed.

1: At the end of the installation and start the simulator, ask again if you want to update the PDF documents. I think this question should be asked during the installation.

2: After installed, the students found it difficult to find the direct access, I think the installation should provide a direct access.

3: The simulator is "locked" a few times when the [.] Key is pressed, what really happens is that the key is held and the way to "unlock" it is by pressing the [.] Key but from the PC keyboard . Apparently this problem is not visualized, that is to say that it stays pressed, I think that this problem must be solved because the students do not notice the problem, in addition the skin should show better when a pressed key is to say that it is really noticed that it is pressed.

4: In not very large monitors, the vertical version of the skin, has very low resolution, because it takes a real and "scanned" image of the physical device. I think there should be a default skin that shows the keyboard but not as a scanned image, but with simple buttons in an array, and with readable texts.

5: In the monitor that belongs to the teacher, this one has high resolution, but when projecting the image, a very high resolution image is required

Please enter the following free image, very well "scanned"

6: The cursor image is not displayed very well, because the black buttons on the top with black background, is very bad contrast, please clarify the background.

7: In the "LCD" image please add a white frame of about 2 pixels, to have a better contrast between the screen and the black frame.

8: When moving the mouse pointer over the "LCD", change the icon, that is, pointer to a hand, to simulate that it is a touch screen.

9: When pointing, with the pointer the line of entry, start the edition of expressions that is to say place the edit bar the symbol |

10: The menus of the buttons that do not have function, please attenuate them, that is, show a very light gray instead of black

11: An option to keep the simulator always up, with the purpose of for example having the user's (PDF) background without having to be minimizing and expanding the simulator window

12: In the title bar, add "HP Prime 32 bits" / "HP Prime64 bits" as the case of installer.

13: \ [enter] crash
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