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Countdown Game Show (Britain/France): The Numbers Round
11-08-2018, 01:25 AM
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RE: Countdown Game Show (Britain/France): The Numbers Round
(10-30-2018 01:24 AM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote:  Rules of the Numbers Round

We are given six numbers. Typical the pool of numbers contain a pair of each integer 1 through 10, one 25, one 50, one 75, and one 100. Out of the pool, six numbers are selected.

A target number, also an integer, between 100 to 999 is randomly selected. Your goal is to create a mathematical sentence using only the following:

* Addition
* Subtraction
* Multiplication
* Division

You want to get to the target number exactly if possible. Sentences that get near the number, within 10 high or low, are allowed. On the British game show, the most points are given for hitting the target exactly (10), 7 for being 1-5 away, and 5 for being 6-10 away. The game show allows 30 seconds.

All results, including immediate results, must be integers. Several calculations may be combined.

Using a Deck of Playing Cards

You can simulate a Numbers Round by using a standard deck of playing cards. Designate the cards as follows:

* Aces count as 1
* 2 - 10 count as their value
* Jack counts as 25
* Queen counts as 50
* King counts as 75
* Joker counts as 100

Use can think of a three digit number for a target, or let a calculator or computer application determine the target numbers.

For more details and examples, please see my blog at

My parents used to watch that TV show in France in the 90s. It's still running and you can see it on TV5 Monde.

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